Eric Wedge vs. The Most Basic Responsibility of Major League Hitters

I haven't posted in a while. I also ate too many Doritos for lunch today. I haven't been to the doctor in far too long, and my high score on Robot Unicorn Attack 2 isn't as high as I'd like it to be. None of these things are my fault, though. Instead of taking ownership of them, I'm blaming sabermetrics. » 5/28/13 8:32pm 5/28/13 8:32pm

Lost Paragraphs: On Cutting Evan Gattis From My NL East Preview

Coming into today's game against the Nationals, Atlanta catcher Evan Gattis is hitting .344/.417/.781. Of course, we're dealing with a small sample size and his numbers should normalize fairly soon. What I mean, obviously, is that Evan Gattis should enter July hitting .390/.550/.970. The only thing in the world… » 4/14/13 3:40pm 4/14/13 3:40pm

Fantasy Draft #2: Results and My Defeat at the Hands of Automation

Draft #2. No wild wings. No patios. No excuses. I had full access to the player rankings that took the blame for a mediocre draft last week. The result? Another pretty mediocre draft. Before I start whining about my mistakes, I want to point out that Anthony Rizzo went in the 12th round of this draft. That was six… » 3/24/13 5:56pm 3/24/13 5:56pm

Fantasy Draft #1: Results and Overly Neurotic Post-Draft Nitpicking

Last Friday night, on an outdoor patio at Buffalo Wild Wings, your author sat in frustration as he was unable to access the player ranking documents he had uploaded to iCloud a day earlier. Surrounded mostly by people he had never before seen, he was about to do something very stupid. So stupid, in fact,… » 3/17/13 7:43pm 3/17/13 7:43pm

Baseball's Best Players: Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, and...Ben Zobrist?

So, Jason Brannon published a great read at Baseball Nation a few days ago concerning the issue of baseball's current best player. Interestingly enough, the piece begins by telling us that Tampa's Ben Zobrist has led all players in combined Wins Above Replacement since 2009. He then complains (very, very, very… » 3/17/13 2:31pm 3/17/13 2:31pm