Fantasy Draft #2: Results and My Defeat at the Hands of Automation

Draft #2. No wild wings. No patios. No excuses. I had full access to the player rankings that took the blame for a mediocre draft last week. The result? Another pretty mediocre draft. Before I start whining about my mistakes, I want to point out that Anthony Rizzo went in the 12th round of this draft. That was six… »3/24/13 5:56pm3/24/13 5:56pm

Baseball's Best Players: Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, and...Ben Zobrist?

So, Jason Brannon published a great read at Baseball Nation a few days ago concerning the issue of baseball's current best player. Interestingly enough, the piece begins by telling us that Tampa's Ben Zobrist has led all players in combined Wins Above Replacement since 2009. He then complains (very, very, very… »3/17/13 2:31pm3/17/13 2:31pm